Morocco Loses With 6 Goals Against Germany in Women’s World Cup 2023

The first Arab nation to play at a Women’s World Cup, Morocco certainly didn’t disgrace themselves, but their inability to deal with crosses cost them a heavy loss by six goals.

Having gone down to two Alexandra Popp goals in the first half, the game got away from Reynald Pedros’s side immediately after the break when Germany scored within 30 seconds of the restart. Back-to-back own goals from Morocco kept the scoreboard ticking over until Lea Schuller wrapped up the proceedings for Germany in the closing stages.

Total time: Germany 6-0 Morocco

Peep! Peep! It’s all over in Melbourne, where Germany has swatted the World Cup debutantes aside and made an accurate statement of intent.

Half-time: Germany 2-0 Morocco

Referee Tori Penso draws first-half proceedings to a close, with Germany leading courtesy of Alexandra Popp’s brace. They’re well worth their lead but haven’t had it all their way against a team ranked 70 places below them in the cosmic scheme.

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