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Latest case studies in the digital and social media marketing sphere. Capturing real-time digital stories in the Middle East region, analyzing them and delivering an in-depth look at marketing learnings, tips and much more.

Top employee’s defense of Swvl puts basic rights in jeopardy, The self-righteous Swvl employee and his alarming message

Opinion: Top employee’s defense of Swvl puts basic rights in jeopardy

The Egyptian social media circus is in full power since last week. It all started when few Swvl employees accused their employer of terminating...
10 tips for managing a successful cause on Facebook

10 tips for managing a successful cause on Facebook

Witnessing the suffering of Egyptian single mothers, I started a Facebook group in 2016 in an attempt to shed light on the challenges that...
Facebook Reveals 2018 World Cup Text-Delights Statistics Across The Globe

Facebook Reveals 2018 World Cup Text-Delights Stats

Facebook has revealed statistics of its Text-Delights soccer animations that were launched ahead of Russia 2018 World Cup. More than 583 million tournament-related animations appeared on...
Sponsors hijack Egypt's World Cup 2018 airplane branding, Osman Badran Shares His Thoughts on Egypt’s National Football Team’s Plane Branding

Sponsors hijack Egypt’s World Cup 2018 airplane branding

Egypt revealed the 2018 World Cup airplane on Tuesday sparking frenzied criticism on social media over the state-owned mobile operator’s excessive branding which dominated...
McDonald's Egypt Misspellings, mcdonald's Egypt Ezbet Khairallah, McDonald's Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign

McDonald’s Egypt Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign

Egyptians mocked McDonald's on social media platforms over misspelled Arabic words seen on donation boxes for Ezbet Khairallah's education development project.The fast food giant...
The Colour of Corruption Case Study

The Colour of Corruption Case Study

THE COLOUR OF CORRUPTION RECLAME AQUI | GREY BRAZIL"To fight corruption is to make it visible."The Colour Of Corruption is a simple browser plugin that...
Infographic: Issues Related to Food Wastage

Infographic: Issues Related to Food Wastage

A recent YouGov study focused on issues related to food wastage has found that the top source of food wastage in the UAE, Egypt...
cook door viral marketing, cook door social media viral campaign

What We Can Learn About Proactive Marketing From Cook Door’s Viral Moment of 2017

Cook Door, the Egyptian fast food chain, probably made this year's most memorable feel -good moment on social media.And it all started with one...
Cannes Lions 2017, Cannes Lions Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

Cannes Lions 2017 Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

“Doing good” is for most brands (and agencies) like pissing in a wet suit. It feels nice and warm, but quickly begins to stink.Femvertising,...
pizza hut palatine, pizza hut boycott, pizza hut israel, boycott pizza hut

Why Middle East marketing and politics don’t mix

Growing up in the region, I was (and still am) far too talkative. To keep me from getting into trouble, I was told, in...
pizza hut under fire in the middle east

Pizza Hut Under Fire For Mocking Palestinian Hunger Strike

Pizza Hut is facing a social media backlash and boycott campaign, after its Israeli branch posted an advert mocking the mass Palestinian prisoner hunger strike. Pizza Hut's...
video on twitter, why brand video works on Twitter, new research, digital boom, middle east, pepsi, coca cola, nido, careem

Twitter research explores the neurology of video consumption

What makes people stop scrolling and start watching video on Twitter? New research reveals what it is that works best in a news-feed environment...
Emirates airline responds to United Express with a video

United Express Fails and Emirates Airline Strikes Back

It all started Sunday on a united Express Flight 3411 when a 69 old doctor David Dao has been forcibly Dragged out of the flight,...
amr shady on digital boom explaining personalities of successful founders, 6 Personalities of Successful Founders

6 Personalities of Successful Founders

What makes a successful founder? Many in the startup ecosystem have stepped in to answer this question, which is constantly being asked by founders...
MENA organizations do not measure printing costs, canon middle east, canon logo, digital boom, adigitalboom

62% of MENA organizations do not measure printing costs, says Canon study

Despite 76% of MENA organizations saying printing or copying documents is “essential” or “very important” to them, 62 % of them do not measure...
Snickers KSA, Snickers Saudi, Snickers Saudi Arabia, Public relations pros, Snicker’s latest in-store campaign pulled off the shelves in Saudi

Snickers latest in-store campaign pulled off the shelves in Saudi

In Saudi? Feeling hungry? You may have to wait a little longer to grab a bite of your favorite Snickers. The snack brand, which...
EgyptAir Lashes at Haaretz's Misleading Tweet, Egyptair, social media, Haaretz, Israel Egypt, Hijacked aircraft, plane hijacked, crisis management

EgyptAir Lashes at Haaretz’s Misleading Tweet

Egyptair proactively responded to a misleading photo-tweet by the Israeli news website Haaretz showing an Egyptair aircraft as if it's the hijacked Libyan plane yesterday.Egyptair's Superb...
careem to uber

Careem Deploys Free Rescue Rides Post Cathedral Attack, Uber Joins Forces

Careem Egypt has launched a new nationwide initiative, offering free rides to all hospitals in Egypt for blood donation, in light of today's explosion inside...
Lipton Egypt, Lipton Campaign, Lipton Mood, Lipton Do Good, How Lipton lifted Egypt’s mood, lipton Egypt, Lipton el 7ad el awlany

How Lipton lifted Egypt’s mood

Engaging more than 9 million consumers in a challenge that aims at spreading positivity, Lipton hopes to create a ripple effect that lifts Egyptians’ mood...
ocean blue hotel, sahel, egypt, north coast

Ocean Blue, A Brand Attack Gone Wrong?

As a social media instructor, one of things that always grab my attention is brand attacks. Analysis and learnings from a brand attack is...

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