Amr Diab Releases ‘Kol Hayati’ Summer 2018 Album

The pop-star Amr Diab‘s summer 2018 album “Kol Hayati” (my everything) is going to be released today exclusively for Vodafone users, and October 3 for the rest of the world.

Only fans who are subscribed to “Amr Diab’s World”, an SMS subscription service on Vodafone Egypt network will be able to receive a link to listen and download the new album on their phones.

Diab’s “Kol Hayati’ summer 2018 album costs a one-off payment of EGP15 ($0.90) via Vodafone carrier.

How and when can non-vodafone users listen to the full album?

Apple Music announced that the full album will be available October 3.

This august, Diab and Vodafone started a teaser campaign by releasing a new song nearly every week, backed up with marketing activations to drive more subscribers to Amr Diab’s World SMS service.

Six songs out of ten were released before the official album launch date, including Dah Lw Etsab, Taali, Kol Hayati, Hadded, Yetalemo, and three days ago Bayen Habeit feat. Marshmello, the American electronic music producer and DJ.

However, this marketing strategy has helped Diab generate 65+ million views on Youtube since releasing the first song in August 2, as well as becoming a trending music video every time a new song is out, topping google trends in Egypt and dominating Apple Music and Anghami trends in the Middle East.

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