Rotana Clips Disappear From Amr Diab's YouTube Channel

Egyptian pop star Amr Diab restricted the privacy of all his Rotana clips on Youtube following the termination of his contract with the music production giant last week.
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Fans Accuse Rotana of Removing Diab’s Clips

Amr Diab fans accused Rotan at first of removing their favorite pop star’s clips. Rotana refuted such accusations in a statement, explaining that the clips are hosted on Amr Diab’s official Youtube channel, which the company doesn’t have access to. The statement added that Amr Diab changed viewership settings to “private” but Rotana-produced videoclips were not removed.
Old videos produced by Amr Diab’s previous production companies – Alam Al Fan and Delta – are still accessible to viewers on the channel.
Screenshot from one of Amr Diab’s song with Rotana

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