4 Athletic ‘Secrets-of-mastery’ Brought to Workplace

It is a perfect world.. Isn’t it? God has created everything in a symphonic interdependent harmony. Every atom and cell is put in the exact place it should be in.. and moving in the best direction that serves the bigger picture. Due to the bonds created in that miraculous harmony, we’re surrounded with abundance of knowledge and wisdom where we can inhale from, reflect on, examine in several contexts then reuse in different situations..

Having said that.. Let’s live that joyful experience by borrowing 4 big secrets from athletic world and explore how they perfectly fit into workplace.

1- Boxing coaches advise: winning doesn’t only depend on how strong you hit, but mainly on how flexible, ready and fast you are to avoid hits

If you examine that law in business life you’ll will find endless examples of people around who were able to win and continue winning (during their most vulnerable time) because of their flexibility, adaptation and speed of change! That, surprisingly, happen at the same time and place that witnesses the big failures of the strongest and toughest players.. History books prove how flexibility and adaptability dominate.

2- Chess masters suggest: your IQ might be your wildest enemy if it is attached to a fixed mindset

As it sounds, the fixed mindset is the belief that your abilities are mature and rigid.. This belief is harmful even when you believe you’re the smartest, prettiest, strongest … Etc). A fixed mindset might eat your success for breakfast. The growth mindset, on the other hand, is about believing your skills and abilities can grow and change from any starting point. A consequent conviction for growth is that your talents, gifts and IQ level won’t take you too far.. We critically need our growth, practice, discipline and efforts.

Like in chess, In business life, the growth mindset holder is equipped to win at the end, even when he/she starts from a quite normal launching position.

3- Martial arts masters teach their students to hit THROUGH the target not AT it

Try this game in business, set big and crazy targets.. Encourage and inspire people and teams to achieve them and create a safe space that empowers them to try, fail and retry.. Allow your teams to make the effort without being threatened.. Now stay alert and watch the show, even if you didn’t achieve the extreme target you set, you’d be at least achieving a score that you wouldn’t even dream of in a normal objective-setting process! As a result you would hit through mediocre targets and pass onwards to olympic scores!

4- Football coaches bet all what they’ve got on the three greatest players; Team-Spirit, Team-Plan, And Team-Work. They know well that even a supernatural skill-set of an individual player might entirely evaporate, or even weakens the team, if not employed perfectly to serve those three greatest players..

I don’t think we need further explanation to that one check its suitability for workplace.. In my experience, it fits like a glove

Are you ready for the lessons to-go?

– Stay fit, flexible and ready for change and reshape.. Don’t allow your strength and toughness to play against you!

– Keep practicing, working and learning and above all STAY HUMBLE

– Dreaming big isn’t enough.. If you want to add big value to life go dream bigger than everyone you know!

– A whisper to those men and women in leadership positions and who look for non-toxic long-term success: “your master strategy should put the team spirit, purpose and behavior above all individual benefits.. Remember: A leadership position won’t make you a LEADER unless you earn it from your followers.

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