Infographic: 5 reasons why millennials unfollow brands on social media

Acquiring quality fans is an uneasy process, yet with valuable returns. Once they’re caught, losing them is not an option.
However, many brands unintentionally drive those fans to “unfollow” their pages on social media.
We teamed up with Marketeers Research to identify the 5 most crucial reasons that triggered Egyptian millennials to unfollow a brand on social media in 2015, and got some interesting results. Check out the infographic below:
Leading with 61%, the biggest trigger for millennials to unfollow a page is inappropriate language. The second highest trigger, with 48%, is if the page posts repetitive or boring content.
Closely after, 39% of millennials would unfollow due to irrelevant content, 36% would unfollow if there are too many notifications, and 15% would unfollow if the admin does not engage with the audience, especially with comments directed to them.
Apparent from their relatively higher percentages, it’s noteworthy to point out that females have less tolerance for inappropriate language and irrelevant content than males do, a possible watch-out for female-targeted brands.
Of course, since every page is different, what applies as a mistake for one page, may definitely not apply to another.
Its important to remember that social media is a conversation channel, so although the statistics provided should be taken into consideration in social media marketing plans, optimizing quality content that impact conversion will still always be the greatest challenge.

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