5 things that matter this week for digital media people

Snapchat “Memories” might change the way people perceive the video-sharing app, Google took a progressive step toward live-steaming, Facebook Messenger is evolving day after day, and no doubt that Pinterest will make a real revolution in the way people shop online.

1. Snapchat Memories

Now you can save Snaps to your Snapchat “Memories”. It’s a personal collection of your favorite moments to view or share them later.

It’s super easy now to find Snap or Stories you’re looking for by typing keywords like “dog” or “Hawaii”.

You can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve already taken, or even combine different Stories into a longer narrative, also you can post a Snap you took before more than a day ago to your Story. Just swipe up from the Camera to open Memories.

Snapchat said that “Memories” will be rolled out gradually for people across the world, it’s not a full-launch.

2. Google Acquired Anvato

Anvato is a platform for encoding, editing, publishing and distribution video across platforms.

According to Anvato CEO, Anvato will continue to deliver the full range of cutting edge video processing software solutions for pay-TV operators, programmers, broadcasters and live event producers as a part of Google Cloud Platform.

This is a significant sign that Google is preparing to enter the live-streaming industry strongly.

3. Pinterest’s ‘Search via Camera’ is going to change the E-Commerce forever

Pinterest has introduced a visual search technology that will make it easier to shop online for products you discovered offline, with the help of your mobile camera.

It’s as simple as, open your Pinterest mobile app camera and scan anything like a chair, sofa or dress, and Pinterest will show you all result match the item you scanned.

Retailers need to adapt this incredible feature to increase their online sales.

4. Messenger enables end-to-end encryption

Everyone became more concerned about security, so almost all popular messaging apps are trying to make their users feel more secure by adding end-to-end encryption.

Facebook started with Whatsapp a couple of months and now they adding end-to-end encryption to Facebook Messenger.

“Messenger will begin to offer an end-to-end encryption feature to a limited test group of users and it will be available for everyone within next months.” According to David Marcous, Head of Facebook Messenger

5. 11K Bots available now on Facebook Messenger, with a better user-friendly interface 

According to the head of Facebook Messenger, Bots has got over 11K on Messenger platform, while over 23K developers have signed up for’s Bot Engine.

The new update has a bunch of new features like:

Rating: People can now provide a star rating and open text feedback for bot developers.

Quick reply: Quick replies offer a more guided experience for users they interact with your Bot, which helps set expectations on what the bot can do. They include up to ten dynamic buttons that directly align with the most used features.

Persistent menu: The navigation for the Bot now will support up to five actions. This will eliminate the need for people to remember text commands and provides a great way to restart the flow or invoke settings.

More content types: Brands now can share GIFs, Audio, Video, and Files with their customers.

More Control: Users will be able to Manage / Mute / Ratings Now.

See you next Sunday!

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