7 Strategies to get more mentions on Twitter

Most brands measure the success of their engagement with how many Likes and Retweets they receive, while these factors are important, Mentions IMO are also equally as important!

What are Twitter Mentions?

Mentions are simply when users mention your brand in their tweets. Mentions can be direct mentions, by them typing in your @handle within their tweets or a reply to your tweet by clicking the reply button.

Why Mentions are important for Brands?

When users mentions your brand, they send signals to Twitter that shows interest in your brand, and that prioritize your tweets on their timeline. Meaning, they will be seeing more of your tweets “organically” as they previously showed they are interested in your tweets by “Mentioning or Replying” to your brand. The key here is your constancy, your brand must maintain a certain level of engagement with these users for Twitter to keep prioritize your tweets.

Here’s a list of 7 ways to get more mentions on Twitter

1. The GIF/Screenshot technique

Ask users to take screenshot of a certain scene of a GIF you posted and ask them to reply to your tweet with their capture!

Here’s a cool one from a travel app @TajawalSA, asking users to Retweet, Follow, take screenshot and reply with your shot.

This one from Toyota Saudi Arabia, promoting their Fortuner car, asking users to take screenshot when the 3 photos matches each other forming the Fortuner

and that one is the same but for Avalon…

I’m sure you get the idea.

2. Ask users to mention their friends

Mobily asked users to mention their friends who they took photos with using Huawei P9 Plus Device

3. Use emojis to get more replies

Mobily again, brilliantly asked their users to guess the emoji and “reply” with their guess!

4. Use Incentive tweets, make it clear, ask for a reply to win something

By partnering with @ittihad, @Mobily asked their users to like, retweet, reply for a chance to win free tickets

5. Use Twitter Conversational Cards

During one of the important games in Saudi League, Toyota Saudi Arabia asked their users to vote for their favorite team using conversational cards.

The idea here is, when you click the hashtag to vote for your team, the pre-populated tweet already has @ToyotaALJ mentioned within it, and that increased the mentions of the brand massively, 56k mentions to be exact on that day! resulting in considering that campaign a Case Study and now on Twitter Marketing Website.

Massive increase in mentions using Twitter Conversational Cards

6. Twitter Instant Unlock Cards

As part of the conversational cards, Instant Unlock feature allow of reveling different content when the call-to-action button is tweeted

For example, I ran a pop quiz on a #TwitterChat for #IOTTT about Twitter Tips, I asked users interacting on the hashtag to either answer my quiz or click the call to action to see the correct answer

My average results almost tripled using Instant Unlock cards — here’s what I got in just 9 days in Aug

7. The ‘Let Us Know’

Yes, clearly ask users to let you know why are they voting or doing something

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