Amr Diab Returns to Drama in Netflix Arabic Original Series

The Egyptian superstar and singing legend Amr Diab will return to acting with an original Arabic series on Netflix.

The show will be in the Musical Drama genre and is still in the early phases of development with no release date set.

Netflix announces Amr Diab’s collaboration on social media.

Amr Diab commented on the new project saying, “I have always believed that art is a global language, and we have been able to build bridges of connections and love with diverse cultures through music. And, now, with this new project with Netflix, I am excited that we will be reaching more than 193 million members in more than 190 countries around the world.”[0]=68.ARB8PdHJaJ_VkzU5fiAfzm8XDH65ctzLf1Vm_MQZHf9vvX7ZxiBzxcgXHfowAqWCaixMQpkb7p5-5DQw7SGPTH0jWQXOb8c6mVFbD-G4XUNnN8Q0SzSEtVp1TnmXci0gXWb1Clyf9e8JWGclsVinrB6TLR0tIMzgtoo-syIQLURkbMEkg8sWfCke4sTkNIJqCBJnvw4p59Uim1Gxc9XEm0CoJnSh-WW5wk62st_wj-xjFCeDfr7Yi7LzP47BkANKJYviLZX7Fm-CZxbqR7sKeKMM0cOxfnoaaFTg-9M6_RNMoQVcuA3uzBN7Ti_nybnrp6Mrl12pYNm3rElHULsGtXB7bI3rqiJHU71NKChbk22lwZkrwNJm_jS_jJW-iSdV6wBMyVTB2-i1XeMRFCajz1RB40EPkCU96wNvTrUgvykmaEI&__tn__=-R

It comes on the heels of Netflix releasing teaser photo for the first Egyptian production on Netflix, Amr Salama’s Paranormal,  a mystery/horror series that is set for release in Fall 2020 and based on the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s books.

Amr Diab’s latest screen appearance (if we don’t count his advertising appearances) is him starring in “Dehk Wele’b Wegad Wehob” in 1993 with the late Omar El Sharif and the iconic Youssra.

We can’t wait, can you?

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