Bahrain’s Jehan Abdulkarim Among Holmes Innovator 25 EMEA

Bahraini national and accenture’s marketing and communications director Jehan Abdulkarim has become the first Gulf national marketer to be named as the first Holmes Report Innovator.

“The region’s talents are making their mark globally”

Since launched in 2013, the Holmes Report’s Innovator list 25 has embarked as an important barometer of marketing and communications innovation. The award seeks out and recognizes those who have taken risks with big ideas that have paid off in the space of communications and marketing.

Innovator 25 EMEA
Innovator 25 EMEA 2017

Jehan Abdulkarim

With a background in technology (Abdulkarim graduated in software engineering and initially worked as a programmer), the award underlined her work in founding Saudi Arabia’s first technology and business magazine back in 2006 – effectively making her the country’s first-ever managing editor – As well as her achievements whilst working in senior roles at Cisco, Oracle and Accenture. Her advocacy of technology, as well as her promotion of gender parity in the Gulf, make her stand out as one of the top technological and social innovators in the region.

Speaking to the Holmes Report, Jehan spoke of the lessons that she’s learned about innovation and the need to be brave when it comes to marketing. “Disrupt. Take educated risks, learn to speak everyone’s language to secure their buy-in. Manage relationships with influencers who have sharp elbows who can help you bring ideas to light,” said Jehan.

For more insight into Jehan’s views on innovation and creativity, you can read her interview with the Holmes Report here.

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