DishDino the ultimate destination for homemade food

DishDino is an online market place that gathers all the talented and professional chefs in one place to share their exquisite
healthy homemade culinary food, delivered to the users’ door-step.

The idea is to deliver fresh and tempting mouth-watering home-made food with the finest ingredients and optimum quality, to let its users witness an ultimate life-time food experience with the best value for money. 

The cofounders are Anas Metwally and Sameh Gamal, a game developer and web developer with a remarkable passion and

DishDino Cofounders, Anas Metwally and Sameh Gamal

record in digital products, they came up with an innovative idea named “DishDino” to ease our lives by ensuring the delivery of exceptional home-made food with splendid taste and genius presentation.

What does DishDino stand for? 

“Dino” for dinosaur which refers to the homemade foodie who has passion for homemade meals and is considered as a part of the Dinos-foodies-community.

DishDino helps talented home cooks who don’t have funds to open a restaurant, enable them to gain money and provide them with a stronger audience reach; moreover, they intend to help working mums who don’t have time to cook, order their preferred homemade food.

How to order?

The steps of ordering are simple, all you have to do is to register onto, select your desired food category from a list of heavenly home-made food, and place your order to be delivered to your location. You can place your order at any time during the day and receive your food within a reasonable timeframe to save your precious time and effort.

What does the website offer?

The website boasts a wide array of countless fine dining options, all this to let you indulge in a rich selection of spellbinding chickens and meats, divine pizzas and pastas, pleasant starters and seafood, mind-blowing mahshis, vegetables and tajins.

How do they guarantee food safety?

The website features rating and reviews to let the users assess the kitchens ratings before ordering as well as an online chat to contact their team if you have any inquiries. DishDino team overtakes an aggressive filtration in selecting the chefs with a reputable portfolio and record, they also conduct audits on kitchens to guarantee that they follow high standards of food quality and hygiene.


DishDino are delivering to 2 main areas in Cairo, Nasr City and Heliopolis and are planning to expand in more areas in Cairo.

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