Dorra Endorses Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarouk joined Juhayna Pure as a brand ambassador, making her appearance at the kick-off event of the new Pomegranate flavor.

“Proud to be an ambassador for a leading product that provides health and agility like Pure,” said Dorra at the event.

Dorra Endorses Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate
Dorra at Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate launch event

Dorra photo session for Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate

The new flavor is the latest addition to Juhayna Pure’s juices, which come in orange, apple, cocktail, pineapple, guava, tomato, orange with carrots, mango with peach, and red grapes.

The company’s selection of the Pomegranate flavor is a result of meticulous consumer research conducted among different segments in the Egyptian market.

Dorra said pomegranate is her favorite fruit because of its numerous health benefits that ease digestion, treat anemia and headaches, and help preserve skin vitality.

The celebrity actress endorsed the new product, highlighting the fact that it’s healthier, has more vitamins and is free of sugar.

Juhayna doubled the sales volume in the juice industry over the past two years, increasing its production capacity to 65%, said Amr Bishara, juice category manager at Juhayna, adding that Pure products grew by 22%.

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