dubizzle is Now an OLX Company

Last week, dubizzle website and mobile app started carrying a new message below the main logo stating that ‘dubizzle is an OLX company’.
This step is a testament to the amazing decade dubizzle had in the MENA region, a success that has reached new levels, being globally recognized as part of the OLX family.
screenshot: dubizzle website in Egypt
OLX is the world’s leading classifieds platform in growth markets and is available in more than 40 countries and over 50 languages in the Naspers, and this step will enable dubizzle to amplify its efforts with a global push to create consumer economies that change the world – a common goal with all of these companies within the network. and more is yet to come.
Abdallah Touqan, Senior PR and Communications Lead at dubizzle said: “‘dubizzle is an OLX company’ means that we are aligned with our sister companies around the globe in terms of best practice and shared resources – enabling us to deliver the best user experience. While keeping the brand local. A great combination of global vs local that will definitely benefit the user,”.
Why the change? The objective of becoming an OLX company is to stay connected with and become part of the world’s leading network of online classifieds platforms.  Already millions of people around the world have used OLX to sell their things within local communities in places like India, Brazil, Portugal and now the Middle East.
“Now we can share information rapidly & exchange best practice with the other online classifieds platforms within the OLX global network. We believe that together we can accomplish much more than we would as entirely separate entities”, Touqan added.
“We will remain focused on creating the best user experience for our users to quickly and easily buy and sell their stuff. That’s the business roadmap.” Touqan concluded.
Now, let us know what do you think, how can dubizzle maximize the benefit from their new relationship with OLX?