Apply for UAE visa using DVPC app

DVPC (Dubai Visa Processing Centre) has launched a mobile app, which allows applicants from any location in the world to apply for a UAE visa. To be made be available to the customers of Emirates Airline, it is said to a unique initiative in visa applications. The app allows people to conduct the entire process for visa application with their mobile devices.

How to use the app?

With the app, people can create their profile, allowing them to upload data and document. Available also with the app is payment and service delivery. Users of this app will be able to apply for a visa in three steps.

Customers of Emarites airline are allowed to apply up to four working days before their flight departure date. Last-minute applications can be done by using the Express visa service up to two working days before their flight departure date.

Download the app

This mobile app can be downloaded freely from Google’s play store or Google’s play store. The app’s customised versions are available for users of iOS and Android devices. Using this app, passengers would be able to apply for a four-day, 30-days or 90-days single entry visas as per their itinerary on Emirates Airline.

The app’s important features include one-time profile creation, handy destination links, real-time visa application, debit or credit card payment options, information and so on.

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