Brands report significant decline in plain text status updates reach on Facebook

Facebook has announced the decrease of reach for plain text status updates for brands and the increase for individuals due to issues related to engagement level.

The reason behind this from our point of view:

We can rely on this on Facebook’s strategy; They want to use brands’ popularity to spread awareness and use “a link-share.” As we can see, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Trending,” mainly based on how many links are being shared on the site.

Facebook couldn’t deny that “Plain Text Status Updates” is doing great; they confirmed that when people see “Text Status Updates,” that lead to 9 million more status updates each day, and because of that, Facebook decided to show “People” more text status updates in their News Feed via friends NOT Brands!!

However, Facebook sees that Pages and individuals have different behaviors toward status updates, claiming that pages are not doing well in terms of engagement but reach. That’s why Facebook decided to differentiate the two types of status updates.

“Over time, we noticed that this effect wasn’t true for text status updates from Pages. As a result, the latest update to News Feed ranking treats text status updates from Pages as a different category to text status updates from friends. We are learning that posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends and we are working to improve our ranking algorithms so that we do a better job of differentiating between the two types. This will help us show people more content they want to see. Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types.” Chris Turitzin said

Facebook Plain Text Status Update Going Down For Brands, so our advice to brands is to continue posting more Photos, Links, and fewer plain text status updates to reduce loss in reach.

Hence, the best way to share a link after this update will be to use a link-share so it looks like the one below. Compared to sharing links by embedding them in status updates, we’ve found that these posts get more engagement (more likes, comments, shares, and clicks) and provide a more visual and compelling experience for people seeing them in their feeds, as Facebook explained in the blog post.


Hope to see your comments on how well you manage your brand after the algorithm update.

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