Facebook rolls out new video metrics, Instagram ‘Drafts’, MacBook Pro touch ID, more

Facebook keeps empowering video-content creators by rolling out a new set of analytics metrics, an interesting update is coming to Instagram as users will be able to save drafts for later posting, on the technology lane; LG V20 is becoming the first Android Nougat phone, and MacBook Pro is getting a modernization soon. Surprisingly, P&G has decided to stop advertising on Facebook and Walmart acquired for $3B.

1. LG V20 unboxing date

LG said that V20 handset will come with the latest Android software “Nougat”, making it the first phone to accommodate Android 7.

photo credit: GSMArenaV20 will be available 6th of September, don’t know yet which markets.

2. Facebook rolls out new video insights and major update for 360 degrees’ videos:

Facebook added 3 new metrics to videos insights:

  1. Audience Demographics
  2. Engagement with Live Video
  3. The Sharing Effect

Also, Facebook 360 degrees photos are now more powerful, watch this video:

Quick comparison social networks in terms of video-growth:

  • Facebook – 700% growth in video views in the last 14 months
  • Snapchat – 150% growth in video views in the past 12 months
  • Instagram – 150% growth in video consumption in the last 6 months
  • Twitter – 50% increase in video content since the beginning of 2016

3. Save photos as ‘Draft’ on Instagram:

Instagram is rolling out a new option helps users save photos/videos as draft for later posting.

4. MacBook Pro with Touch ID sensor and OLED mini screen, soon:

Apple is building a completely new MacBook pro with many new features, like Touch ID sensor and an OLED mini screen above the keyboard – Bloomberg reported

The new MacBook expected to be available this October.

Can’t wait 🙂

5. Procter & Gamble moving away from Facebook targeted ads

Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest ad spenders in the world, decided to cut down all targeted Facebook ads – according to the WSJ

But why?

Marc Pritchard, P&G’s chief marketing officer, said “the company has realized it took the strategy too far”, he added, we targeted too much, and we went too narrow and now we’re looking at: What is the best way to get the most reach but also the right precision?”

Pritchard said “P&G won’t cut back on Facebook spending and will employ targeted ads where it makes sense, such as pitching diapers to expectant mothers”. He said “P&G has ramped up spending both on digital sites and traditional platforms. One category the company is scaling back: smaller websites that lack the reach of sites such as Facebook, Google and YouTube”.

Source: a report on WSJ

Will this decision affect other advertisers? And in your opinion, how can Facebook retain its biggest clients?

6. Walmart acquired for $3B in cash

Walmart has acquired the 2 years old startup for $3 billion in cash and up to $300 million in shares. will continue to operate as a separate brand and Marc Lore, the CEO of, will lead both Jet and Walmart online.

See you next Sunday.

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