Facebook to acquire drone maker ‘Titan Aerospace’

Capitalizing on their big picture strategy “Internet for all,” Facebook in their way to acquire the company Titan Aerospace, maker of unmanned aircraft, for $60 Million “according to TechCrunch and some leaked reports..”That comes after Two weeks of the acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 Billion.

Tip: The Android system is equal to 19 billion dollars, and Titan Aerospace is exchanging the drones for 60 million dollars.

What is the Drone from Titan Aerospace?

Drones are small plane drones weighing 32 kg, and a maximum width is 50 meters, and solar-powered; in addition to the above, is that the plane is ready to fly above the Earth’s surface at an altitude of 20 kilometers for five years without interruption or landing.

Following this video to get more information about donors :

Why does Facebook want to buy this company?

Facebook is thinking now about the “diffusion of the Internet in the world, “, especially in non-covered areas of services, the World Wide Web and puts the continent of Africa on top of these areas and will use these drones in its project to deploy the Internet in these areas isolated from the world.

Solara 60 is a Model that thinks Facebook to be used in this task, and reports indicated that Facebook wants 11,000 aircraft of this type for his new project.

What about the Google Loon project?

We had heard some time ago about the project “Loon” powered by Google, which will take the same role as Facebook’s private drones; it is an aircraft, balloons carry the internet technology to the diffusion of the Internet in isolated areas.

On the other side, there were some leaks that Facebook bought this project from Google, but it remains Thread is uncertain. To learn about the idea of the project Google Loon follow this video.

The question now is, will Facebook be able to achieve the dream “Internet for all”?