Hamaki Releases ‘Kol Youm Mn Da’ 2019 Album

The wait is over! The Egyptian pop-star Mohamed Hamaki‘s 2019 album “Kol Youm Mn Da” has been released today exclusively on Youtube.

Nogoum Records, the production company didn’t disclose the release date on other music streaming services such as Anghami, Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer.

Update: Album is now available on all music streaming services online. 

Hamaki has one million subscribers on Youtube and 365 million views to-date.

Unlike Amr Diab, Hamaki tends to release an album every two or three years, a pattern that he used to follow since started his professional career in 2003. However, 2019’s album came four years late.

Mohamed Hamaki Albums:

  1. 2003: Khalena Ne3esh
  2. 2006: Kheles El Kalam
  3. 2008: Naweeha
  4. 2010: Haga Msh Tabeeeya
  5. 2012: Men Albi Baghani
  6. 2015: Omro Ma Yeghieb
  7. 2019: Kol Youm Mn Da

Hamaki’s songs resonate with millennials as well as generation X in Egypt and across the Middle East region. He’s one of a kind when it comes to romantic songs as well as beats ones.

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