How to protect your Facebook page from hacking tricks?

June 2014, we announced on our Facebook page a caution about a the latest Facebook hacking tricks, asking pages’ managers to take care of falling in the new hacking tricks which will cost you the administration privilege on your page. Today, we’ve noticed many conversations within our network, talking about the same case and there’re many pages’ managers who lost control over their pages. Hence, we’ve decided to clear things in a separate post to raise awareness and how to protect your page from such unethical stuff on Facebook. 

The latest hacking tricks on Facebook

It’s a dream to get your page verified, so once you see this verification badge in your notifications, you will certainly press it and quickly to get your page verified! Naturally you won’t read the disclaimer as many other fall because such a trick.

Be sure that Facebook won’t ask for ownership to make your page verified.

Hacking Tricks – Verified badge asking for ownership

Second chance to read and protect your page

once you click the verification badge, you will get this request to approve under your page role section, the easy action is to click approve and get your page verified quickly, but if you take a look and read, you will find that you will give a full access to a page called “Page Verifee”, so they can simply kick you out of the page.

Ownership Request – Don’t Approve

How to protect your page from such hacking tricks?

Almost all pages on Facebook have more than one manager, that’s why there’s always a chance to fall in such tricks.

What you need to do right now to avoid losing your page:

  • Your personal profile is the gate to any access to your pages, so that you need to increase security on your personal profile
  • Don’t let people know the associated email address with your personal Facebook account, so that no one can hijack your mailbox and get into your profile then take control over your Facebook pages
  • Limit the manager access to 2 members max
  • Change any unwanted manger role to editor
  • Do not ever approve any unusual requests, investigate everything before losing chances to undo actions

Finally, Share this article with your team members and keep them up to date with the latest hacking tricks.



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