Infographic | Top 10 in Egypt on Facebook [Updated Feb 2014]

Ever wondered what are the most liked/loved pages overall in Egypt on Facebook? Of course, regardless of the number of likes, we’ve decided to reveal the Top 10 in Egypt on Facebook because they’re from all over the world.

Example: The Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny has a total of 10.5M likes to be the biggest fan base for an Egyptian singer, but how many of them are Egyptians? And who is the most loved singer in Egypt?

Hence, we’ve decided to reveal the real loved pages in Egypt on Facebook in terms of number of likes from the Egyptian users.

Top 10 in Egypt on Facebook

Take-outs from the Top 10 in Egypt on Facebook:

  • However Tamer Hosny is number one of number of likes worldwide, Amr Diab comes first in Egypt as the most loved and popular musician in the country
  • Thaqef Nafsak community is a very positive phenomenal
  • The two telecom giants Samsung Egypt & Vodafone Egypt are among the top 10 loved pages in Egypt, which means that the telco industry is one of the most active industries on the social networks and the Egyptian companies figured that and positioned themselves rightly
  • Egyptians spend a long time playing online games
  • Religious is important to Egyptians, they love to stay connected with famous preachers, share their activities and interact with them
  • Music is Egyptians’ number one interest on the social networks

Thanks go to Socialbakers for the date they provided us to induct this analysis.
Waiting for your thoughts and comments about this quick study

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