Jamming on MBC Masr During Airing Bassem Youssef

Tonight a full block out to MBC Masr while airing Al Bernameg episode by Bassem Youssef. People were waiting the weekly episode as usual at 10:00 PM on MBC Masr but suddenly something weird took place, no signal!

The heat and anger started on Facebook & Twitter, people started to point the government with names, accusing them for the on purpose block out to the show to hide truth from public.

The topic became Egypt’s number one trending topic in few minutes with 30K tweets and +70K Facebook activities

In the end, people can watch the episode online, and that’s what happened as MBC group announced that the episode is available after 10 minutes from the jamming on their, What really happened is that the government and NileSat people lost their credibility and people will think seriously to change from NileSat to ArabSat or other in the upcoming future.

Our advice, be mature and don’t try old fashion stuff with the internet generation.

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