Jordan’s Dams Reap 3,761 Cubic Meters in 24-Hour Rainfall Boost

AMMAN — Collaborative data from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Jordan Valley Authority reveals a 24-hour accumulation of 3,761 million cubic meters of rainfall and runoff in the dams. This brings the total storage in the 15 main dams to 68,503 million cubic meters, equivalent to 23.78 percent of their full capacity of 288,128 million cubic meters.

The Ministry reported extensive rainfall throughout most regions of the Kingdom, leading to significant inflows into the dams by Monday morning. The Al-Fidan Dam in Wadi Araba recorded the highest volume, reaching its full storage capacity of 3,306 million cubic meters, equivalent to 100 percent. In contrast, the King Talal Dam accumulated 684,330 thousand cubic meters, achieving a storage percentage of 37.3 percent, while the Mujib Dam received 542 thousand cubic meters, attaining a storage percentage of 74 percent, as reported by Hala.

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