Log in Problem While Accessing Facebook

Some users reported to us a log in problem while accessing Facebook, however, previously logged in users are still able to use their account normally.

Facebook Error

Facebook Error
Facebook instantly included a clarification link to this error directs users to facebook help center, advising users that it’s not a downtime due to technical problem but improvements in the database and the platform will be back soon without any changes in their Facebook credentials.
“I’m seeing a message saying Facebook will be back soon when I try to log in.

If you’re seeing this error message when you try to log in, it usually means that we’re making an improvement to the database that your account is stored on. While we’re doing this, you won’t be able to access your account. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

A few things to note:

  • After the maintenance is over, you’ll still be able to log in with the same password
  • Your account won’t be affected by the maintenance
  • We don’t do site maintenance on all accounts at the same time, so it’s possible that your friends will be able to access the site while your account is unavailable”

To avoid losing access to your Facebook account during the maintaince process, please do not log out from your Facebook account and keep the current session open or just use your mobile app if you’re not logged in on web.

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