Memoirs of a Sue, Positivity it is!

Be it the first time I start writing with Digital Boom, I’ll focus this article/tips on a dream that I am always a good chaser of staying in the positivity mode.
Just a quick intro about who is Soraya, or as my friends call me Sue, how do you do?
Well Soraya in brief is a daydreamer who chases unicorns in her daily daydreams, all she wants from her journey in the world to keep her state of inner peace.  Graduated from AUC 2004, she fell in the trap of corporate life, yup 11 years now. Do I like it? Well have to say it a YES No! Does that mean I am bipolar? well maybe 😀 but you will all get it the yes no effect while reading the article.
Living in Egypt, let’s all agree is hard, especially after the many turmoils we all encountered. Yet, let’s all remind ourselves with one fact, we only live it once, let’s make it worthwhile.
I understand that we are all different and that’s what’s good in every one of us. We all have a different kind of beauty that gives each and every one of us as winning edgeJ
Well, a single woman in my 30s living in this country, is hard, we all know that for a fact, we see how people judge and interfere in your private life..starting with ( mish hanfera7 beeki to you are running out time) yet first lesson for myself and you: Don’t give a damn! No one is allowed to judge you except your creatorJ Yup, it’s as simple as that. No one is you! For you are your own thoughts and your own journey. So I’d simply say IGNORE and SMILE AND WAVE
So when I write to you all, I will start with my personal experience of battling negative thoughts and NOT raising a white flag to any (yup it can happen, just have the will and the beliefJ )
Let’s start some tips that I actually direct myself to every single morning:
You are up! You are alive! You are breathing; you can move your toes, fingers. That’s a very good start for the day that we all take it for granted I now that you are up in your comfortable bedroom.

Let’s fill the day with Positivity:

  1. Wake up every morning and put some music on, anything you like , for me it’s rock but wont work for others I m sureJ. Just play anything you want and stay in bed for a while, put a smile on your face et voila, the angry demon will wave you goodbye and wish you well for this day
  2. Prepare your favorite breakfast, forget about your karoosh for that day, breakfast wont affect you much, while preparing this breakfast always remember that many others especially in our country don’t have the luxury of this breakfast, so yes you are blessed
  3. Take anything out of your fridge food drink with an intention of paying it forward and giving it to a person in need, yes pay it forward is the best feeling ever, trust me on that, it gives your life the great value
  4. Go to your job and always remember the percentage of your population who would just dream of your salary! For even one day in their lives! True I bet you 70% would do anything to be in your shoes
  5. Finished work? You have several good options, either exercise, I m not fond of it yet it matters as a mood up lifter, meditate or pray to god saying thank you for all of what I take for granted, and or discover your talent! I m 33 and I decided to learn drawing, and now I can draw! It’s all in you but you have got to connect with your inner self and guide it through.. Now I m taking piano and guitar lessons too! Unleash your power
  6. Before sleeping, get a piece of paper, write down your gratitude. Yes this is magical! you’ll see things from a better side, it’s all about training your mind and you will will down what you didn’t expect you’d write. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

And a final dedication from Sue to all of you
Nina Simone- ain’t got no I’ve got life

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