Pharrell’s Music Video Happy MENA Versions

After the phenomenal Harlem Shake in 2013, people and brands reacted and produced videos to simulate the dance in their ways. 2014, the world is witnessing a new phenomenon William Pharrell – Happy.

We’ve gone through many Happy MENA region videos and here are the top coolest videos – We think that you might want to watch them.

1- The localized Egyptian theme “Kashmagi”

Disalata & Scoop Empire‘s initiative proved that Egyptians are always creative and have their own touch, they gathered insights from allover Egypt, understood the current mood, and localized the song in an Arabic name & lyrics to gain 700K views in just a week. Well done!

2- The Omnicom Media Group Happy MENA theme “Dubai”

Another great video by Omnicom Media Group in Dubai team produced their own HAPPY video in a fantastic way. It really represents how happy the Omnicom team. Produced by: Streetwise Productions Directed by: Amir G’Nia 

3- Queen Alia Airport First Anniversary “Amman – Jordan”

This video has been produced in celebration of the one year anniversary of launching the new terminal at Queen Alia International Airport In Amman/Jordan Showcasing how fun it is working at Queen Alia International Airport and the great environment that Airport International Group Provides to its employees! “We’d like to motivate our employees to always be happy so let’s spread happiness from the capital of Jordan! 🙂 #QAIAnniversary” Produced by: Future Vision productions Directed by: Khaled Abd Al-Jabbar

4- We are from DAHAB, EGYPT

One cool video from Dahab, Sinai, Egypt — The video represents how happy people over there in Dahab, enjoying the sea and the warm weather.

5- Another Video About Egypt

Please vote for the best in the comment box below, if there are any other creative videos from your network to share, please drop us a comment as well.

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