Putin, Obama war on social media starts with unfriend on Facebook

The Social media war between Putin and Obama started with UnFriend, this is the action taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the Facebook diplomacy with American president Barack Obama.

The unfriending comes after an official White House update about the possibility of a US-Syrian war. President Putin revealed that Obama’s updates about the Congressional debate on a possible war with Syria have annoyed him.

After unfriending, President Putin update status on profile “Something I should have done a long time ago”

Also, He said to Russia’s Pravda News Service “President Assad and I, we are the Facebook friends.  We like the same pages, we share pictures of cute women and all that.  Obama needs to lighten up on there, it’s not for serious stuff,”

President Obama’s latest posts about the possibility of the war in Syria have been reported by someone and he received a warning from Facebook that he will be prevented from posting on his profile for 24 hours.

He has also commented “Really, Putin needs to grow up.  If he didn’t like that [post], he could have just hid it from his news feed instead of creating all this Facebook drama,”

JOE BIDEN “Vice President of the United States” announced to reports that President Obama has signed into his Twitter account to unfollow Putin.

The turmoil generated between Putin and Obama over their dispute on the Syrian crisis. Expanded to reach the social networks

 Putin and Obama on social Networks

The question now is, are we witnessing a new stage of the cold war between the two countries, will they continue the war online instead of the military tactics and old spy war?

It’s obvious that social media is really changing the game in everything, and now it’s taking over on a very high level.

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