Review: Sherine Ana Keteer on Social Media

After the success of the previously shared overall analysis of Sherine’s new album “Ana Keter” and her social media presence, we decided to fulfill your requests with more details and additional insights.

The report is from Jan 15 through Jan 31, 2014; however, starting Feb, we noticed that Sherine’s team has enhanced and developed how they engage with fans on Facebook.

Still, there’s more to do; please review the slides below to know what exactly they are missing with recommendations.

Check out the report:

Key take-outs in 15 days after the launch:

  • Album gained 11 million views in 2 weeks on YouTube
  • YouTube Channel subscribers boosted by 90K subscribers in 15 days out of 127K total subscribers overtime
  • Buzz reached 15K tweets/RTs since the launch on Twitter
  • How do people talk about the album/Sherine on Twitter?
  • People are sharing songs from YouTube & SoundCloud
  • +90% positive sentiment on Twitter
  • Sherine’s Twitter account is excellent at spreading the news about the album’s success.
  • People are tweeting the song’s lyrics.
  • Sarcastic tweets about Sherine & few songs (regular) -  Almost zero negativity about the album
  • Album teasers on Facebook created credibility for Sherine’s page, reflected in the page results after the album’s launch in the next 15 days with 92K Interactions & 312K New Likes.
  • The album received tremendous engagement on the launching date of Jan 15. However, no posts for four days after the launch negatively affected the interactions.


Sherine Abdel Wahab’s Facebook page would have received double or maybe triple new likes and interactions if the improved posts’ quality; please find below the points taken:

  • Long updates with no extra value-added will lead to losing your fans’ interest
  • The text-only format isn’t preferred, as it is well-known that they generate less reach than other content (Facebook announcement)
  • A call to action is essential to generate leads & increase engagement
  • Each post has to have its visual, audio, or video so you can attract/engage your audiences
  • Understand the situation and act upon it, always be relevant to the time and avoid posting irrelevant content at the wrong time.
  • Revise the tone of voice in future activities.

To recap -  Overall performance is average to good -  Enhance your content formatting -  Improve the tone of voice on all networks -  Be creative to engage your fans better -  Be Consistent -  Start your SoundCloud account.