RIP Mohamed Ramadan, The Saint Catherine Victim

A trending topic in Egypt during the last 24 hours was about the 8 persons trapped in Saint Catherine mountain because of a snow storm.

The news spreading on social networks say that the reason behind is the epic fail of the rescue department in Egypt, also say the first and the only 4 persons survived asked the rescue department to send an aircraft to search for others, but the rescue department refused to cooperate unless 10 days passed or there’re foreign tourists among the lost 4 people!!!

Quickly spread on social networks that 3 of the lost 8 persons died, because of the cold and there’s 1 person is still lost called Mohamed Ramadan.

Haitham Tabie “one of the 4 survivors” testimony.

Mohamed Ramadan is a revolutionary director, who is into charity activities. Egyptians started to share his mobile number and asked Vodafone on Facebook & Twitter to help find him because Mohamed is a Vodafone subscriber.

From its side, Vodafone Egypt Facebook issued an announcement on Facebook that they’re doing what it needs to determine Mohamed’s location through his mobile number.

The topic has generated around 38K tweets, and over 60K on Facebook in the last 24 hours

19th of Feb, 2014, Mohamed Ramadan’s body was found dead because of the cold weather in Saint Catherine mountain.

RIP Mohamed Ramadan

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