UPDATE: Switch between Instagram accounts is now available

The wait is over! Instagram released a new update allows users to add up to 5 instagram accounts to switch between them.
The famous photo blogging social network has been testing the switch between accounts feature recently to end up the hectic process for people managing different accounts every time they want to post on Instagram.
With the new update, you will be able to switch between Instagram accounts easily. You won’t need to logout from your personal account to manage your business account on Instagram. Cheers social media people!
Instagram is full-functioning only from mobile, however, Instagram is available from web for view-only, which means you cannot post to Instagram using the web interface.
The update is available for all users on both Android and IOS operating systems.

To add a new account:

Click the top right gear, scroll down to add account, enter credentials – done.

And this is how it looks like

Switch between account easily.

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