Tweeps Add Satirical Flavor to Saudi Arabia’s Cinema Ban Lift

Twitter feeds saw an outburst of memes carrying satirical movie title suggestions in reaction to Saudi Arabia’s recent decision to lift a three-decade ban on cinemas in light of the Kingdom’s recent liberalizing efforts.

“Prison Break,” posted one tweep using a photo of the famous Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh where the kingdom’s royals are now being held on charges of financial corruption. Others poked fun at the country’s strictly conservative culture, adding an Islamic flavor to famous movie titles. Eat, Pray Five Times, Love; I Know What You Did Last Ramadan; and The Fasting and the Furious were among the top tweets.

The ban lifted on Dec. 11 was enforced in the early 80’s in response to pressure from hardline Islamists who wanted to establish a strictly conservative society that frowns upon arts and entertainment.

Here are the top tweets we found using the hashtags #SaudiMovieTitles and اقترح_اسم_فلم_سعودي# (suggest a Saudi movie title).

English Hashtag #SaudiMovieTitles


Arabic Hashtag #اقترح_اسم_فلم_سعودي

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