Photos: Egyptian people voting, celebrating

Over the last few weeks, debates and suspicious started to take place in Egypt around the next presidential elections and whither youth are going to participate or it will be just old people. Muslim brotherhood and anti armed forces sponsored the debate, as they think that people who will participate in elections do not represent the new Egypt after #Jan25 revolution, referring to youth as the majority whom will not participate in such a silly scenario.

Moreover, some anti-army activists like Alaa Abdel Fattah has aggressive and insulting point of view toward old people whom will participate in the elections, that they are ignorant and wasting youth’s future with their negativity, also if you’re an old man and going to vote for SISI go die alone.

Alaa abdel-fattah insulting old people for participating in elections

Early morning today and after the beginning of voting, the anti-army started to share photos for old people whom are lining-up to vote, pin pointing their theory about youth boycotting the elections.

anti army activists sharing old people photos.

Few hours later, the argument took another level after pro Egypt & elections activists started to share photos for youth celebrating after voting, photos spread on twitter and Facebook on a hashtag called ” #عاوزينشبابخدوا_شباب ” which means “do you want youth? Here you are”

HYG Photos Trending on Egypt’s Twitter Timeline: 


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