Twitter reveals the biggest Ramadan stats of 2016

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, brands and organizations will soon commence their campaigns to engage consumers in a conversation during the blessed month.

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Ramadan is a great time for people across the globe to connect with one another through Twitter. From getting real-time updates on Ramadan activities in their neighbourhood, to connecting with people around the world, and even sharing well-wishes and special moments, people flock to Twitter every day during the blessed month.

Ramadan 2016 stats on Twitter

Overall Twitter activity increased by an average of 26.3% during the month of Ramadan. This was evident during Ramadan 2016, where over 10.7 billion impressions related to #Ramadan appeared on Twitter, with the most trending topics being: food/cooking, religion, health/wellness, and tv shows.

The below graph reflects the Twitter activity during a regular day in the month of Ramadan, and how people tend to be more active from Iftar time until sunrise.

Twitter peak times on twitter during Ramadan
Line chart: Twitter

Throughout the month, the volume of conversation increased steadily on a daily basis from the first day of Ramadan until Eid, with an 18% increase in Daily Active Users throughout the month.

In comparison to the year 2015, the overall conversations on Twitter related to Ramadan, increased by 88% YoY, with the MENA region being home to more than 50% of the world’s Ramadan content.

Brands on Twitter in Ramadan

People on Twitter are also engaging with brands, where in KSA there was a 27% increase in content searched for related to Ramadan, and a 33% increase in Tweets published.

In addition, Ramadan’s late nights witnessed an increase in consumer activity on Twitter, as the volume of conversation is at its highest levels post Iftar, and continues until early morning.

Overall usage and activities increased on Twitter during the month of Ramadan, by the following rates: +28% in KSA, +27% in UAE and +24% in Egypt. The main activities that have witnessed an increase in engagement on Twitter include Tweets published, videos viewed and content searched for.

2016 media highlights:

  • Over 20 Q&As were conducted on Twitter, including with celebrities @Youssra, @GhadaAbdelRazek and @Fouad_Bayoumi, where a total of 500+ questions answered | 2.1M impressions | 160k video views.
  • Daily Live shows were hosted on Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app
  • Partnership with Al Arabiya News Channel offered Iftar and Imsak timings through an auto-responder service in any city around the world

Ramadan campaigns on Twitter

Campaigns held during the month of Ramadan also witnessed an increase in people’s engagement.

One such campaign that took place on Twitter last year includes Vimto, which captured the attention of the Twitter audience with a video first campaign, building on the spirit of family time, and giving back to the community, all under the hashtag of: #خلنا_نجتمع (Let’s gather)

The campaign delivered more than 40 million impressions and 3 million video views, reaching over 3 million people in the region, testifying to the importance of engagement during Ramadan.

 Ramadan is a special month filled with celebrations among friends and family members, where people come together and share these special moments on Twitter.

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