Weekly Digest: YouTube launches Live, Twitter focuses on Influencers and more

Proudly announcing our weekly digest every Sunday morning, we will be covering top news in tech and social media era, to put you on top of all new tools, updates and trends, aiming to help strengthening your digital strategies. This week, we brought to you five important news from across the web, here’s the list:

1- YouTube announced that Live streaming is coming to its mobile app soon

According to official Youtube Creator’s Blog, ‪‎YouTube mobile app will be redesigned to include a big red capture button that will allow video creators to immediately broadcast what they’re seeing, just like facebook and periscope. It’s never too late Youtube.

2- Twitter Launched Engage, a standalone app for influencers and it’s awesome!

Twitter Engage gives influencers, celebrities and public figures a better way to connect with fans by providing on spot analytics and amazing way to Engage, simulation Facebook Mentions app introduced in 2015.

*The new app is currently available only for iOS users, Coming soon to Andriod.

3- Snapchat-like masks are coming to Facebook live from “MSQRD”

In the coming weeks, you will be able to go live on Facebook from the MSQRD app and utilize its many different Snapchat-like masks and filters while the video is running. MSQRD is a mobile app provides live filters & face swap for video selfies, available for iOS and Android.

4- Twitter will let users check-in or tag specific places in tweets powered by Foursquare

It’s finally happening, twitter is rolling out the new feature to iOS users first. It allows users to:
– Check-in more specific locations than before (country or city)
– Search for nearby businesses
– Improve advertising with powerful targeted data like people nearby

5- Facebook testing new “newsfeed” sorted by topics

The new version of newsfeed which is being tested in Australia will allow users to explore Facebook content based on topics they like the most, in an attempt to improve users experience.

See you next Sunday

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