Yasmin Abd Elaziz is officially on social media

The famous Egyptian comedian actor Yasmin Abd Elaziz has finally decided to go social media, as she kicked off her social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ this month.

Here are links to Yasmin Abd Elaziz’s channels on social media: 

On March 11, 2014, Yasmin Abd Elaziz posted a video on YouTube asking fans to like her Facebook Page, to mark the official activation of her social media presence.

Who’s behind Yasmin Abd Elaziz social media efforts? We still don’t know if the effort here by an agency or it’s just Yasmin has decided to manage her channels by herself; What is obvious that the channels have lack of professionalism at the current stage; Please continue reading to know more about learning points and recommendations.

Video: Yasmin Abd Elaziz announces her Facebook Page with a BIG KISS:

 Points from Yasmin’s Youtube channel

Yasmin Abd Elaziz Youtube channel should have been customized better as she used it to officially announce her social media presence.

  • The channel has no URL
  • Didn’t set a cover photo 



Facebook posts are bad designed with low resolution and wrong specs



Also the used tone of voice is not the supposed one, it should not be someone is talking about Yasmin Abd Elaziz, it should be Yasmin herself speaking to her fans.

Recommendations to Yasmin’s social media team: 

  • All channels are different in terms of URL – So please get a new unified URL for all channels, remove fans from the URL, it’s not established by fans, it was Yasmin who announced it
  • Make the tone of voice more personalized, make it Yasmin because we love to hear from her not someone taking about her
  • Upload more videos on YouTube, it’s so empty
  • Hire a designer to customize your photos before publishing them

Finally, it’s great to have Yasmin Abd Elaziz online, We Love You Yasmin <3



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