Why ChatGPT won’t be able to kill Google Search

People are very impressed by the new ChatGPT AI tool, and some have gone wild, saying that ChatGPT will kill Google, Google missed the AI wave, RIP Google. This point of view is wrong.

Here’s why. ChatGPT won’t be able to kill Google Search

  1. ChatGPT isn’t connected to the internet. ChatGPT doesn’t know that Argentina won FIFA or Russia attacked Ukraine or the Egyptian pound exchange rate against the dollar today, which a kid knows.
  2. It often gives wrong answers, and people are training it as we speak.
  3. The main reason is that running an AI is costly to search on ChatGPT compared to a search engine.
  4. Google hasn’t missed the AI wave. They have several AI models like LaMDA, BERT, and BUM, which are equal to or better than ChatGPT.

So why hasn’t Google released these AI to the public?

The reason is simple; AI is often wrong. However, ChatGPT is new to the market, so they can afford to be inaccurate, but Google has a reputation. They can’t launch a product that gives wrong answers.

That’s why Google is improving its AI instead of launching it quickly.

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