Dubai Skyline, Supermoon, Moon

Supermoon rises over UAE skyline

November's full moon isn't only the closest and brightest 'Supermoon' of 2016 but also the largest since 1948.
supermoon, november, super moon, 2016

Supermoon Rising: Pictures

photo of the year 2015, Syria

Photo of the year 2015

A Syrian child gets assistance to remove her life jacket upon her arrival on an inflatable boat carrying migrants on the Greek island of...
Egypt's Photographers Capture Supermoon in Realtime, supermoon, supermoon egypt, lunar eclipse egypt, lunar eclipse cairo, digital boom

Egypt's Photographers Capture Supermoon in Realtime

If you were online midnight Sept. 28, you certainly noticed the Supermoon mania which erupted on social media, with over 300K tweets in Arabic, and...
super blood moon, egypt blood moon, super moon, digital boom

How Social Networks Celebrated The Super Blood Moon

Social media platforms are evolving to interact and engage with global interests and events. Facebook and Twitter the most famous social networks celebrated the Super...
Omar Sharif: Precious Moments in Pictures, omar sharif, digital boom, adigitalboom

Omar Sharif: Precious Moments in Pictures

July 10, 2015, Omar Sharif died at the age of 83, "He will be missed". We thought of reminding you with some of his international...
amazing photos on instagram

Couples With the Most Amazing Photos on Instagram

From the most amazing photos on instagram, there comes the most amazing couples too. It’s wonderful how people capture their trips, adventures, moments of happiness, but...
Egyptians Photographers on instagram, instagram in egypt

11 Talented Egyptian Photographers on Instagram

Despite the fact that Facebook and twitter are the most popular social platforms in Egypt, recently, Egyptians showed interest in Instagram, which opened a window to amateur people...
Digital Boom, scary or creative

Soul Division Studios’s controversial artists photo session goes viral online

Spreading on social networks in Egypt & other countries a photo of Eric Moung the performer - Soul Division, people called it "Is it creative or scary?"

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