Baraka Water distributes goodness during Ramadan, Careem joins forces

Baraka Water called on social media users to post photos of the new Baraka Water bottle using the hashtag #تلاتين_يوم_بركة (Thirty days of blessing) – the company said it will donate 20 bottles during Iftar time for each photo uploaded on Facebook and Instagram during the holy month of Ramadan.

The initiative aims to help more people contribute to this seasonal act of goodness.

As an act of goodness, many Egyptians volunteer during Ramadan to distribute water, fresh juice and sometimes meals on people who are still in the streets during Iftar time to help them break their fasting.

Here’s where Baraka Water stepped in by giving the opportunity to those who can’t volunteer their time and efforts to make a difference with few clicks from their mobile.

“Careem liked the idea, offered help distributing the free goodness bottles during Iftar time”

The popular ride-hailing app Careem seized the opportunity and offered its support to distribute the free Baraka Bottles to the maximum number of people during the holy month of Ramadan.

To help 20 persons break their fasting during Ramadan, all you need to do is to take a picture for the new Baraka Bottle, and upload it on Facebook or Instagram account using the hashtag 30 days of Baraka #تلاتين_يوم_بركة then mention Baraka Water and Baraka will donate 20 bottles during Iftar time for every picture taken.

Ramadan Careem Ma3ak!

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