A look into Apple’s iPhone X Marketing Strategies

The tech baron announced three new iPhones and an Apple watch. As though that was not enough to draw attention, the company employed advertising techniques that have not been used before in smartphones.

The iPhone X ads

The iPhone X ad has taken the internet by storm. The ad is a fusion of so many elements; showcasing the phone’s features that appeal to current users while at the same time maintaining delivering sleek graphics that captivate current audiences.

A lot of strategies are manifested in the 38-second video, as well as the longer video that showcases its features.

The short, colorful liquid video is in many ways similar to the videos that are currently trending on Instagram and even being used by musicians as background shots in music videos and concerts. The long video focuses on the specific features such as facial recognition and live modifiable emojis that would interest the young population which forms a bulk of its customer base.

Meet iPhone X’ Campaign

Though not a totally new concept, this video takes the crown. The 1min 38sec video brings the device to life with the various shots of guys making emojis dance to Sofi Tukker’s Best Friend’ soundtrack. There’s no better way of showcasing a product than showing it in use. This is a principle Apple fulfilled in the video.

Transcending age, races and ethnicities

This is another big selling point of the ads. There is no single race or ethnicity that is overrepresented in the iPhone X ad. People from across all continents feature in it, giving the brand a global look. This may, in fact, be the reason why the video is trending in almost all countries, despite iPhones being less popular in most of them.

The Dear Apple’s campaign

Though this is an Apple watch ad, I just have to mention it because it has played a great part in the overall success of this week’s Apple campaign. The use of testimonials of satisfied users to market makes customers identify with the product. Unlike the celebrity endorsement and expert opinions approaches used by many advertisers, this man-on-the-street technique showcased how the product impacted on various users lives. For sure, this is hands down one of the best marketing technique employed by the company.

Despite the ups and downs faced by Apple, the company never seizes to amaze when it comes to marketing. The ability to announce three new products and still manage to draw attention to each single device attests to the company’s advertising muscle. One could argue that the drastic move by the company called for equally moving ads, but we still have to hand it to them this time. We could definitely learn a thing or two from this.

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