Pepsi’s Latest Digital Campaign Will Have You Singing From The Top of Your Lungs

Building a stronger connection between fans and the Egyptian national football team ahead of the big games this month, Pepsi launched a digital-only campaign this Ramadan featuring players singing their training routine straight from the camp and social media followers cheering with a series of lip-synced videos of the same songs.

Using its famous hashtag #يلا_نكمل_لمتنا (let’s get together and live with our team), Pepsi’s campaign encompassed a series of five videos all front-lined by national team defender Saad Samir, with a little help from his teammates Tarek Hamed, Ahmed El-Shenawy, Mohamed Awad and Marwan Mohsen.

The players showcase how their training days are going, singing catchy musical numbers which tell their training regimen, meals, and how they spend their free time, all through the power of the song.

Watch the full series on Pepsi’s Instagram account

Watch the campaign exclusively online

Campaign goes viral

Pepsi’s first campaign video went live on May 18, generating more than 26 million views across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The campaign also succeeded in producing lots of user-generated videos featuring fans’ lip-synced videos cheering for the players.

Some of the fans videos on Instagram

The campaign fulfills Pepsi’s commitment to bringing Egyptians together, serving this year as a channel for people to support their national team ahead of the big games this month in an engaging way.

Support the Egyptian national football team and keep their spirits high! Upload your video on Instagram using any music app. Don’t forget to add the campaign’s hashtag #يلا_نكمل_لمتنا (let’s get together and live with our team).

Edited by Sara El-Khalili

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