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10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in MENA - April 2016

10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in MENA – April 2016

Football fever took a big part of April's advertisements, due to the peak of international championships: UEFA champions league and Europa league, in addition...
OMD Cairo, furniture Egypt, OMD furniture, Startups OMD, Riseup summit

OMD Egypt Offers Its Office Furniture For Free to Startups

A great deal for startups, OMD is offering its office furniture for free to Startups, as the multinational agency is moving to a new office in Zamalek...
Uber vs Careem Egypt, Careem Egypt, Uber Egypt, uber or careem?, Uber vs Careem, über, careem

Taxi App Review: Uber VS Careem in Egypt [update: 2019]

Two of the most famous online taxi apps - are up and running in Egypt, offering Cairenes a quality alternative transportation at a click...

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