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Careem Egypt Brings Vertical Video Ads To The Middle East

Careem Egypt produced the fist-ever vertical video ad in the Middle East, introducing its new car types Go and Go+. The leading car booking app emulated...
A15, Careem Empower Tech Startups in Egypt

A15, Careem Empower Tech Startups in Egypt

A15, the leading technology investor, announced a strategic partnership with Careem, the car-hailing app and one of the fastest growing startups in the Middle...
careem to uber

Careem Deploys Free Rescue Rides Post Cathedral Attack, Uber Joins Forces

Careem Egypt has launched a new nationwide initiative, offering free rides to all hospitals in Egypt for blood donation, in light of today's explosion inside...

Careem Officially Integrates Water-Travel Option to its Application

Cairo, November 24th, 2016 -- Careem has announced a new collaboration with the “WATER TAXI” service today, offering a new “car-type” that allows clients...
Careem Sharetracker, Halloween, Egypt

Zombies? No problem with Careem ShareTracker new feature

Facebook was buzzing with a supernatural incident posted on two distinct Facebook accounts on 25th and 26th of October. We all know this might be...
Careem's Agmad Captains Fi El Sahel vs Uber's 3ala Fein Ya Negm

Careem Vs Uber: Which one wins summer 2016 digital activation marathon?

Egypt’s growing population has rejoiced time and again over the spread of alternative modes of transport. Rather than the classic white taxi whose meter...
Careem Announces Surprise Integration of 42,000 White Taxis in Egypt, New white taxis are seen on a road in downtown Cairo

Careem Announces Surprise Integration of 42,000 White Taxis in Egypt

New service to be launched after Eid Al Adha as a dispatching service with a nominal fee. Careem announced today their plans for integrating more...
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3 Creative Egyptian Women Who Master E-commerce

E-commerce empowers small businesses to grow by generating revenues without having real stores. That's why it is necessary that you build and develop a strong online presence to prove your...
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Taxi App Review: Uber VS Careem in Egypt [update: 2019]

Two of the most famous online taxi apps - are up and running in Egypt, offering Cairenes a quality alternative transportation at a click...

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