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MENA ICT Forum 2016, finance

MENA ICT Forum: Technology Transforming the Finance Sector

Amman, Jordan – Digital economy allows several business sectors to develop and flourish in a very competitive market. The digitalization of financial services sector will bring the services presented by this sector into a...
MENA ICT Forum 2016, Empowerment of Health sector through Technology

MENA ICT: Empowerment of Health sector through Technology

Amman, Jordan – The healthcare sector, which is a vital sector to guarantee the right to health care, which is among the most important human rights, faces numerous challenges in the modern day. Rising...
MENA ICT Forum 2016, Amman Jordan, tech, digital

MENA ICT Forum: The Impact of New Trends on Transportation Sector 

Transportation sector is a major component of the economy. The importance of this sector stems from the fact that it has major impact on the daily life activity of millions of people and workers....