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NOMAD is being developed by Al Ahli Holding Group as a purpose-built ecosystem offering a platform of opportunities and resources for entrepreneurs and the creative community to grow their ideas and innovate. NOMAD will operate as a global membership model with benefits including access to world-class production studios, co-working spaces, events and accelerator programmes on site along with a network of mentors, investors and industry partners.

Located near Dubai Outlet Mall, the comprehensive development will provide production resources and advisory services to support key sectors of entrepreneurship, media, culinary arts, arts & design and gaming and technology with a roadmap of unrivalled business and financial support infrastructure.

NOMAD’s infrastructure will be developed over a two-year period, with the first phase launching in 2019, comprising of co-working and studio resources along with a pilot co-housing community. The second phase, accommodating larger facilities and community development will launch early 2020. The total development following build will be close to one million square feet. The sheer size and matrix of services that NOMAD will offer are unrivalled anywhere in the world, and its appeal will be on a global scale.

The goal is to foster a collaborative environment with cost-effective solutions on offer for members to pursue their business ideas and creative endeavours. By attracting global start-ups and supporting innovation, NOMAD intends to be a leading light in the Vision 2021 initiative, cultivating both local and global talent, and ensuring that the UAE is recognized as the leader in shaping the world of the future.

NOMAD Partners With Sony Professional Solutions MEA, Mohammed Khammas and Rob Sherman

NOMAD Partners With Sony Professional Solutions MEA

Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG) has partnered with Sony Professional Solutions MEA on the development of the media sector and community within NOMAD. A purpose-built...