Said Aghil Baaghil

Said Aghil Baaghil
Branding and Marketing Advisor
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Said Baaghil is a Branding and Marketing advisor whose expertise is not for the faint-hearted. Known as “the man who ‘Evolves’ business”, Baaghil is able to effortlessly dive into the heart and mind of the brand and chart out a new innovative course to optimize opportunities. This is why companies recognize him for his in-depth knowledge of the science of brands, as well as for his ability to create marketing strategies that attain growth.

His clientele consists of CEOs and CMOs of leading organizations, who are willing to break the traditional patterns, evolve their business and brands with greater opportunities for growth i.e. to dominate a category through differentiation from their competition.

With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully evolved and helped launch some of the most profitable as well as sustainable brands (local & international) like Femi9, Vivid Flair & Code Red. Besides building brands, he has also taken companies like Tadawul (Saudi Stock Exchange), Savola Group, Al Muhaidib, Mayar, Al Khabeer Capital, MTVC( Makkah Tech Valley) Al Sorayai on an unforgettable brand advisory journey.

He is the author of 3 books including the best seller “The Power of Belonging” while co-authoring Glamour Global and Brands in Glass Houses: How to Embrace Transparency and Grow Your Business Through Content Marketing. His out of the box ideas ignite companies to rethink how to reach their target audience and build sustainable brands. He views the brand as a living entity that cannot live, if it is not fulfilled and to do that, the customers should experience the brand’s promise every day. Baaghil enforces the thought that brands today should continuously evolve to sustain growth. This is the core of his advisory.

Baaghil’s unique approach to branding and marketing has landed him in the pages of “Emotionomics” written by the well-known marketing expert, Dan Hill and also in “Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share will Follow” by the reputable brand strategist and author, Libby Gill. He has also been interviewed by Faith Popcorn, a futurist and the CEO of BrainReserve, for her two new books on upcoming market trends. Most recently, Baaghil was interviewed by Siegel and Gale, one of the world’s leading branding agencies on their global blog.

Baaghil’s contributions to the world of branding and marketing also include regular talks on the subject in New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai & Riyadh to name a few. His editorial contributions make regular appearances in Dubai based Kippreport. In the past he has also been a regular contributor for Gulf Marketing Review (GMR), a leading marketing magazine in the region.