7 Reasons Not To Miss Annual Forum 2018

TechWadi Annual Forum, taking place on 27 Jan in Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale, California has been a frequent topic of discussion between tech entrepreneurs in the past couple of weeks. With topnotch speakers and panelists from Careem, Facebook, Cloudera, Aingel, Endure Capital, Google and more.

So what makes this year’s conference so special?

1) Are you a founder or at a start up looking for funding? There will be few places on earth that will have a higher investor/sq ft. ratio than this conference on January 27th.

2) What is all this Blockchain/Bitcoin/ICO hoopla about? Hear from an all star panel about it + a Ted Talk on the geopolitics of blockchain.

3) Hear from amazing founders like Amr Awadallah, co-founder and CTO of Cloudera which IPO’ed at a valuation of over one billion dollars or Omar Tawakol, who sold his last company to Oracle for over $400 million dollars, and Careem founder Karl Magnus Olsson, a company valued at over a billion dollars.

4) Are you interested in finding a new company or making a career change? You will have the chance to meet people from the likes of power houses such as Google to Facebook to nascent start ups recruiting talent to help make them a success.

5) Everyone is talking about AI being a critical piece of the future – at the TechWadi forum you will literally hear from some of the most talented people in the field discuss it’s impact on business.

6) Connect with and listen to investors from Mubadala, Endure Capital, 500 Startups, Eonite, E11 Capital, Endure Capital, Rising Tide Fund, Garage Technology Ventures, Olive Tree Capital, and Endeavor and more.

7) There are a lot of problems to solve in the Middle East and in the refugee diaspora community around the globe. While there is no silver bullet, it is a certainty that both entrepreneurship and the power of technology will be pillars of the solution. We need the best and brightest to be engaged on these issues and your presence at this forum is a small start.

If you need more information on TechWadi Annual Forum 2018 or to register, please visit event page.

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