BlackBerry Passport Extreme Test

While it might not have as many fans as Android and Apple smartphones, the Blackberry has something else to be proud of: durability. Axiom UAE YouTube Channel decided to do a new Extreme drop-test video which shows us how strong the new BlackBerry Passport really is.

BlackBerry Passport Extreme Test

The video consists of 5 drop tests in total, conducted by Sherif Fayed and Anas from axiom, that was recorded in a parking lot, where the BlackBerry’s newest large screen Smartphone was initially dropped from chin height, on it’s face, it’s back, and on it’s side to test the built.

As the Smartphone passed these tests, the host took the smartphone to another extreme level by dropping the device by standing on the boot of the car and no damage was reported.

The final test was a little bit dramatic, where we see Sherif throwing the passport to Anas, while Anas misses causing it to fall directly on the asphalt, all in Slow motion.

So it really does look like the Passport is a very rugged device that can take a beating.

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