YouTube launches critical alerts, tests updated format for channel navigation

YouTube has launched critical alerts to notify creators when performance drops significantly, along with an updated format for channel navigation to help channels’ creators boost their analytics.

Critical alert

YouTube launches critical alerts, tests updated format for channel navigation
Credit: Youtube

The new critical alert function provides channel creators with indications about their channel performance, whether it is dropping significantly. Besides, it refers them to info pages and provides “how to improve” methods.

According to YouTube, “Many metrics are available, and we know it can sometimes seem complex and hard to piece together. We’re running an experiment where we show some creators a mobile data story card if their viewership is dipping and ways to improve.”

The experimented alerts will simplify the channel analytics, so creators don’t get bogged down in the data. However, they are still alerted to significant concerns that could impact channel performance.

Therefore, more creators will keep on track, which could also become a critical reminder that creators rely on to keep on top of such issues.

Updated format for the channel navigation bar on mobile

YouTube also experimented to see the channel navigation bar moved from the top of the screen to beneath the channel header in the mobile app.

The updated format will move the navigation tabs below the primary channel image, which will keep the profile header on screen as you switch between the different tabs.

According to YouTube, this will help viewers to ‘stay in the context of the channel better’ while providing easier access to subscription and store options.

Regardless of how small it looks, these could be helpful updates that could have an enormous practical impact on channel management and engagement.

YouTube users are reporting errors with the cross-channel live redirect option

According to YouTube, some users have been getting errors with its cross-channel live redirect option launched last month.

Cross-channel live redirect enables creators to redirect their live audience to other channels.

YouTube says its redirects are not always working as they should in some settings. Given this, YouTube is removing the option for the moment as it works on a solution.

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