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    Arab Bank Brings Apple Pay to Jordan

    Arab Bank launched Apple Pay in Jordan last month, becoming the first country in the Levant region to offer the…
    2 weeks ago

    How to include current URL in a Webflow form?

    If you have a blog on Webflow that includes a lead gen form or a newsletter form in all blog…


    • What's happening with Swvl?

      What’s happening with Swvl?

      Swvl, an Egyptian ridesharing company, has seen a significant decline in value due to financial struggles, resulting in a 99% drop in stock price year-to-date (YTD), hovering around $0.10 and a market capitalization of less than $15 million. Reported Bloomberg. Swvl laid off 32% of its employees to cut costs. Swvl was founded in Egypt in April 2017, by Mostafa Kandil and two of his school friends, Ahmed Sabbah and Mahmoud Nouh. The company was…

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