6:15 PM BST • October 4, 2021

    Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp Go Down

    The Facebook Family “WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Workplace and Facebook” have all gone down in a major outage globally. Facebook app…
    7:38 PM BST • October 1, 2021

    Google Play Announces The Android Dev Summit is back!

    Google Play has announced today that The Android Dev Submit is back. Taking place October 27-28, the annual conference celebrating…
    7:24 PM BST • October 1, 2021

    Digital Boom secures $20,000 seed investment

    We would like to announce that we’ve received US $20,000 in seed investment from family and friends. The investment will…


    How to

      12:00 PM BST • August 1, 2021

      Why You Should Use PDF for Sharing Confidential Data?

      PDF is among the most trusted document formats when it comes to sharing important information. It has now become a…
      3:29 PM BST • July 13, 2021

      Appeal Facebook Marketplace Item Rejection

      It looks like one or more of your items weren’t approved because they didn’t meet Facebook’s commerce policies. If you’ve…
      9:17 PM GMT • February 11, 2021

      Google Ads: Target Audience Explained

      Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms worldwide. Through Google Ads, you can reach your target persona…
      9:34 AM GMT • January 26, 2021

      Ureed: How to Incorporate Freelancers in Hiring Strategy offers an unprecedented view on how to incorporate freelancers in your hiring strategy. As a business owner, taking on…
      9:37 AM GMT • January 2, 2021

      How to screenshot on mac, change screenshots folder

      In case your workflow requires taking frequent screenshots on your MacBook or Mac pro. You will need to know three widespread…

      People Moves

        5:51 PM GMT • January 31, 2021

        Nagaty announces departure from Halan as CBO

        Mohamed (Nagaty) Aboulnaga, one of Halan ‘s team of co-founders and its Chief Business Officer announced that today, January 31st,…
        10:47 AM GMT • January 23, 2021

        Careem’s Hadeer Shalaby buckles up for Talabat Egypt

        Talabat has appointed Hadeer Shalaby, Careem‘s regional director, as its new Managing Director in Egypt, replacing Sofiène Marzouki, who has…
        10:24 AM GMT • November 19, 2020

        Endeavor Egypt Welcomes Dalia Ibrahim to the Board of Directors

        Endeavor Egypt welcomes renowned publishing, education entrepreneur, and expert Dalia Ibrahim to its Board of Directors. Dalia Ibrahim is the…
        7:54 PM GMT • November 18, 2020

        Mohamed Abdulsalam Announced Co-CEO of Kotobna

        After six months of announcing Kotobna’s partial acquisition of the online gifting and stationary platform Autograph, the MIT Pan Arab…
        8:58 PM GMT • January 20, 2020

        JLL appoints Dana Salbak as Head of Research for the MENA region

        JLL, one of the world’s leading real estate investment and advisory firms, has appointed Dana Salbak as the Head of…
        9:24 PM GMT • March 3, 2019

        Nile Radio Productions’ Ex-Digital Marketing Guru Omar Shoeb Joins Kijamii

        The man behind Nile Radio Productions’ digital transformation, Omar Shoeb, has joined leading Digital Creative Content and Production Agency Kijamii…