3 days ago

    Egyptian Pound Collapses Against US Dollar to Historic Low

    1 USD equals 29.89 Egyptian Pound Last update: Wednesday, Jan 26, 2023. The Egyptian pound plunged after the central bank…
    2 weeks ago

    7 Common Use-Cases for ChatGPT in Digital Marketing

    ChatGPT is changing the way digital marketing professionals are doing their job. In this article, we will shed light on…


    • Redefining 'Norm' for Organizations Post-COVID-19 by Sherif Kozman

      Look at the date on your phone, it might as well be 1920 and COVID-19 might as well be the Spanish Flu, humans are still helpless. Forget the technology, right now you just need four walls, soap and water and if you dare venture outside, a piece of cloth covering your nose and mouth.  While it’s hard not to feel the despair and fear all around us now, everyone around the world is finally coming…

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