5 Marketing Tips for Your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

5 Marketing Tips for Your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Priya Patel, Brand Development Lead at Instagram and Ian Manning, Head of Agencies, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan at Facebook are both presenting at the third edition of the Marketing Kingdom Cairo, Egypt’s most...
British Council Offers Free Online Course for Understanding IELTS

British Council Offers Free Online Course for Understanding IELTS

The British Council and FutureLearn have collaborated to develop Understanding IELTS Techniques for English Language Tests. This is an interactive, elaborate and free online course that is designed to help people in non-native English speaking...
mobile app marketing free

7 Effective Ways to Promote your Mobile App for Free

One of the biggest challenges faced by tech startups is mobile app discovery. With around 270 billion apps projected to be downloaded in 2017 (up from 228 billion in 2016), it's not difficult to...
manage social media crisis, handle critical situations online, social media crisis management, social media tools

Managing crisis on social media in three simple steps

It takes one person to ruin your brand and a crisis management team to regain it! As smartphone users jump to an estimated 2 billion in 2017, more people are expected to generate content on...
Can you crop images in a PDF?

Can you crop images in a PDF?

You’ve probably worked with PDFs before, but did you know that not all of these documents are created equal? This is especially true when it comes to ppt to pdf converter. Some print better...
internations tips on how to manage a global facebook

6 Tips for Managing a Global Social Media Audience

Managing social media accounts can be a challenge, especially when you are addressing a large, international audience. From knowing what to post to writing understandable texts, it’s not always an easy job. The InterNations...
internations, how to manage global audience on social media

How to Manage a Global Audience on Social Media

The InterNations Social Media Team weighs in on what it takes to engage a social community of over one million people around the world. As the Social Media Manager for InterNations, the largest network for...
marketing kingdom cairo 2, MKCairo, PWorld, Digital Boom

Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2: 10 Marketing Tips That Actually Work

  In exactly one month, from 26-27 October, Egyptian marketers will have the unique opportunity to hear groundbreaking presentations by marketing gurus from some of the world’s biggest brands. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and...
4 digital strategies to gain an edge on your competition

4 digital strategies to gain an edge on your competition

With every meeting i have with either an advertising agency or direct clients, this question pops up “How do we win over our competition?”. It's no secret that the competition is getting tougher by the minute,...
twitter advertising, twitter ads, custom audience, twitter lists, hashtags, targeting, marketing

5 Hacks Can Improve Your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Twitter is the most dynamic, live and conversational social media platform, we’ve prepared 5 more ways to get your even better results when running a campaign on Twitter. Using Twitter Lists Twitter Lists are great way...

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