Can you crop images in a PDF?

Can you crop images in a PDF?

You’ve probably worked with PDFs before, but did you know that not all of these documents are created equal? This is especially true when...
internations tips on how to manage a global facebook

6 Tips for Managing a Global Social Media Audience

Managing social media accounts can be a challenge, especially when you are addressing a large, international audience. From knowing what to post to writing...
internations, how to manage global audience on social media

How to Manage a Global Audience on Social Media

The InterNations Social Media Team weighs in on what it takes to engage a social community of over one million people around the world. As...
marketing kingdom cairo 2, MKCairo, PWorld, Digital Boom

Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2: 10 Marketing Tips That Actually Work

  In exactly one month, from 26-27 October, Egyptian marketers will have the unique opportunity to hear groundbreaking presentations by marketing gurus from some of...

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