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5 Hacks Can Improve Your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Twitter is the most dynamic, live and conversational social media platform, we’ve prepared 5 more ways to get your even better results when running...
How to report potential violations of privacy rights on Facebook?

How to report potential violations of privacy rights on Facebook?

Ever wanted to report a photo on Facebook/Instagram that violates your privacy rights, but didn't know what to do than the traditional reporting method? Process to report violated photos/videos...
Darre-Van-Dijk,TBWA-Amsterdam, MKCairo2, MKCAiro, Marketing Kingdom Cairo, 2016

Darre Van Dijk From TBWA Amsterdam: Kill Boring!

Darre Van Dijk, Chief Creative Officer of TBWA/Neboko in Amsterdam is one of the keynote speakers at the Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2, Egypt’s biggest...
twitter dashboard

What is Twitter Dashboard and How Can Brands Utilize It?

We’ve talked before on how conversational Twitter is, and how brands can join and create more conversation using Twitter Conversational Cards, that being said,...
How to Play Facebook Secret Soccer Emoji

How to Play Facebook Secret Soccer Emoji

Mark Zuckerberg just made a video challenging Neymar Jr. for Facebook Soccer Secret Emoji in Messenger. The secret emoji can be unlocked/played by sending your...
Branded Content and Local SEO

Branded Content and Local SEO

Any entity that wants to make a splash online has dreams of going viral. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula people can follow to get...
Five Golden Rules For A Successful Video Marketing Strategy, Magnus-Zar-for-pworld-cairo-

Five Golden Rules For A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Magnus Zar, Founder of Think Agency and Sweden and one of Europe’s biggest experts on video marketing is speaking at the Marketing Kingdom Cairo...
Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services to the Rescue

The idea of going to switch on your laptop only to have nothing happen or your ability to access your files compromised is a...
rights manager

Facebook Introduces ‘Video Rights Manager’ Copyrights Tool

Worried about your video content? Facebook released a new tool to help brands, publishers and users claim ownership of their videos without worrying about...
7 Tips to Improve Your iPhone Performance

7 Tips to Improve Your iPhone Performance

Almost everyone i know is facing problems after upgrading their iPhone (s) to the iOS 9 generation. I was wondering if there is something we can do to boost...
3 SEO tips to boost your local business on google and get ranked

3 SEO tips to boost your local business on Google

You probably already know that search engines are powerful tools for connecting potential customers with businesses. But did you know that they can prioritise...
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5 Email Subscriptions to Become Your Startup’s Marketing Maniac

One of the biggest issues for startups is marketing. You know your product/service is awesome, and you’re trying to generate the highest sales. One of...
snapchat life, qatar, arab, millions views, digital boom

How to get 3-5 millions views on Snapchat?

Snapchat has always celebrated the way that people see the world. It’s fun to experience different perspectives through Snaps, Stories and Our Story. One of the...
instagram-ads, digital boom

How to create your first Instagram advert?

You must have heard the news about Instagram ads launch, but how to create your first Instagram advert? Facebook is still rolling out access to advert accounts,...
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You Are Going on Vacation, But Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t

It is finally summer time. We have worked hard all year round and now it is the time for a well-deserved vacation, far away...
digital boom, global page strategy, Facebook pages, Facebook global pages, adigitalboom, digitalboom

Why Facebook Global Page Strategy is Important for Your Brand

Any multinational brand invests millions every year to develop, sustain its image, and ensure that all operating-in markets are following & implementing the brand updates. Aiming to...
negotiation tips, negotiation skills, negotiation, negotiation tactics, negotiation strategy

How to Win a Negotiation in 6 Steps

Whether they're negotiating a million-dollar deal or a new partnership, people spend endless hours in negotiations, trying to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties. Negotiation...
pr and social media, pr, social media, SEO, PR SEO, content marketing

How PR Benefits from Social Media

Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate and provided us with untraditional ways to deliver our message. PR is arguably one of...
Facebook reach, hijacking reach, increase reach

Tips on How to Cheat Facebook Organic Reach

On average, a user can see from 1,500 to 3,000 brand update on his Facebook newsfeed, most of these updates may not be relevant,...

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