McDonald’s Sees 70% Sales Drop in Egypt Amid Gaza Boycott

A McDonald’s insider in Egypt anonymously disclosed a 70% sales decline in October and November, aligning with a global and Egyptian boycott fueled by the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

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The movement, driven by concerns about multinational support for the Israeli occupation, has led many Egyptians to choose local alternatives. McDonald’s is specifically targeted in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement in Egypt.

Western brands are experiencing repercussions in Egypt and Jordan, signaling the campaign’s expansion into other Arab nations like Kuwait and Morocco. However, participation has been uneven, with only marginal effects observed in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Said Reuters in a recent report

McDonald's Sees 70% Sales Drop in Egypt Amid Gaza Boycott
Photo shows a PizzaHut branch in Egypt with no customers

The campaign targets companies perceived to support Israel, either through public stances or alleged financial ties. As it gains momentum, social media calls for boycotts have grown, listing numerous companies and products. This has led consumers to opt for local alternatives. In Egypt, where street protests are restricted due to security measures, the boycott is seen by some as the most effective means of expressing dissent.

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